Hand Washing? Best to be toxin free!

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Hand Washing

Lather up – Naturally!

Despite what you have heard in recent times due to the flood of antibacterial hand sanitizers and products that frequent our screens and shopping aisles, washing your hands with soap and water is in fact the best way to reduce the number of germs on them and eliminate bacteria.

Many consumers make the mistake in assuming that you have to use antibacterial products to get the job done. It’s not true. More commonly now,  the alcohol – based hand gels have become a quick fix for on the go, which may be effective if the hands are not visibly dirty, however a sufficient amount is required to get the best results. But do we actually know what we could be coating our hands with and at what cost?  To date there is currently no evidence that prove that antibacterial products are a more successful and effective way at preventing illness and germs than that of soap and water.

On the back of the ingredients it is stated quite frequently not to be consumed internally- of course we all know that and would not be under the illusion that it’s to be consumed, so it asks the question, why coat your hands, your children’s hands or any hands in such a product and deem it ok to eat 10 seconds later when they are dry? A common ingredient in antibacterial products is triclosan which is a chemical with proven toxicity that frequent in many everyday products, it is not only bad for you, but bad for the environment. Eliminating such a harsh chemical that you may have unknowingly been applying to your skin and body daily is the best solution.

Frequently washing your hands with a natural hand wash or soap is the best way to keep yourself healthy and to prevent the spread of illness and bacteria. Gels and sanitizers do not eliminate all germs and will not be able to remove the dirt from your hands or reach the microorganisms under the dirt whereas, hand wash and soaps help to break down organic material, then by running your hands under water will help wash them away.

The real key to eliminating germs and bacteria is in the technique. Wash your hands with warm water frequently for 20 – 30 seconds using a natural and gentle hand wash, a liquid form is best, lather thoroughly and rinse off.  Be sure to dry well. It’s simple! No need to complicate!

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