Bye Bye Dry Skin!!

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As winter is fast approaching so is dry skin! If you are suffering from dry skin or you know your skin becomes very dehydrated during the cooler months, we have the perfect solution to rejuvenate and protect your skin from the harshness of the cold. As the temperature drops, so does the humidity levels. As tempting as it is to turn the heater right up, it is extremely damaging for your skin. Heating and Cooling strips more moisture from the air and especially your skin. It is unrealistic to be able to ditch the heater in winter, as well as the cooling in the warmer months, however there are many other ways to regain and restore the moisture in your skin by a few simple changes and alterations to your daily skincare routines that your skin will not only benefit from, it will prosper.
It is so important to ensure that you know what you are religiously slathering on your skin. Harsh chemicals, harsh ingredients and perfumed fragrances are not only going to strip your skin of its natural moisture barrier, they are extremely bad for you and the environment. SODA & Co natural skincare products are formulated from the finest natural ingredients, are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Remember, just because a product claims to be natural doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Do your research. Gentle skincare products are not only going to be better for your skin, they will most likely be best suited and formulated for sensitive skin. Therefore, whether your skin is naturally dry or only dry during certain seasons or due to environmental damage, ensure you are doing what’s best for your skin and using what can only help your skin not irritate it.
As one of the many comforts of a cold winter night is that of a steaming hot shower, and rightly so, it is a simple pleasure, for the mind and body, however just like the high heating temperatures, it isn’t your skins best friend, and most certainly not beneficial for dry flaky skin. The hotter and longer the shower the more  your skin has time to dry out. Keep showers to a luke warm temperature and keep it no longer than five minutes and pat dry with a towel afterwards. You will be doing your skin a favour.
One of the many benefits of our SODA & Co Sugar Scrubs are that they are 2 in 1, both moisturising and exfoliating. Perfect for an indulging night in or for those that are time poor. By using the very gentle Sugar Scrubs, your skin will be transformed in no time. Whether you choose to scrub every day or once a week, the benefits are endless. The natural oils in our body scrubs will lock in moisture in the gentlest way possible. Beware of harsh ingredients that will instantly strip the skin, just think, if they are too harsh for the environment they are also no fit for your skin.
A common misconception for body care is that the harder you scrub the better your skin will be. That is untrue. You don’t need to scrub harder or exfoliate deeper in order to get clean or see results. It will only enhance irritation and roughen your skin not benefit it. So ditch the harsh abrasive and unhygienic sponges and use your hands or a soft wash cloth. Your skin care should not be complicated. One of the many great things about using our Sugar Scrubs is that they are effective enough to use on their own, no need for expensive or complicated shower tools, less is most certainly best!

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