5 reasons why you shouldn't use products containing microbeads!

  • By SODA & Co

 Micro Beads - Marine Life

Okay, so we all know that exfoliating your skin with a nice body scrub or facial is awesome, but what you might not know is that many products you're using may contain harmful plastic micro beads to provide physical exfoliation - yuk!

Here is a list of 5 reasons whys you don't want plastic micro beads in your body scrubs and other products:

1. They are bad for marine life

Micro beads are so small that they are often consumed by marine life and then absorbed into their systems rather than passed through - this means that when we eat fish etc. they may end up in our system as well - gross!

2. Micro beads are not biodegradable

Rather than breaking down and disappearing, when micro beads go down your plughole and enter our water ways where they will accumulate and remain there forever.

3. There are PLENTY of natural alternatives

Whether it's crushed apricot kernels, salt, coffee beans or sugar - like in our Sugar Body Scrubs - there is an enormous of environmentally friendly and biodegradable alternatives which are often far more effective as physical exfoliators anyway!

4. The planet will love you

As we mentioned above, micro beads don't break down and end up accumulating into big blobs of plastic disgustingness in our beaches and rivers - stop using them and the planet will love you for it.

5. Sugar is WAY more FUN!

There's nothing fun about tiny balls of plastic and it contains nothing that benefit your skin in any meaningful way, however many of the alternatives mentioned above also contain additional ingredients to help improve your skins overall condition!


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