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On November 11th, WildAid brought together the world’s biggest animal lovers and activists for an evening of celebration! WildAid, a small but mighty organization is the passion project of the Knight family. Based in San Francisco, the Knights work year round to make sure some of the world’s most beautiful creatures not only exist but rather thrive! WildAid is working to protect animals in the wild, change and enforce anti poaching laws; as well as fighting to put precious animals on the endangered species list.

WildAid is a force to be reckoned with, the organization has gained the attention and respect of some of the world’s largest eco and animal rights activists, supporters like Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince William, and David Beckham.

At this year’s gala celebrating Josh Duhamel’s continued work, celebs like Bo Derek, David Foster, and Laura Linda Bradley were in attendance. This year’s gala raised 2.9 million dollars to further WildAid’s belief of “When the buying stops. The killing can too.” 

Each year WildAid and the gala committee work to exceed everyone’s expectations, from their new venue at The Beverly Wilshire hotel, to the amazing VIP gift bags generously donated by eco conscious companies like Soda & Co, David’s Tea, and other’s! While no one wanted to leave the dance floor and see the night come to an end, everyone was thrilled to dig into their goody bag that rivalled most celebrity swag bags.

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