Ways to get into the Christmas Spirit!

  • By SODA & Co

‘Tis the season to be jolly! If you’re scratching your head and wondering how on earth its Christmas ALREADY! Here are some fun and easy tips to get into the Christmas Spirit.

Have a Christmas Countdown!
Ideally start from December 1st and have a countdown to Christmas Day. Advent Calendars are perfect as there is no better excuse to allow chocolate before breakfast than the silly season. If you would prefer to ditch the sweets, why not get crafty and make your own countdown calendar.

Set up your Christmas tree!
Whether you have a real or fake tree, make sure you make the moment special. Setting up the tree is one of the most special memories at Christmas time. Get the family together and decorate away. Take time to appreciate the ornaments and their memories, where they came from and their sentimental value to the tree.

Play Christmas Carols!
All day every day, in the car, home, work, there is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than blaring your favourite Christmas tunes. There is always a favourite song, one that has meaning and memories that you reflect upon each year.

Have a Christmas Movie Night!
Grab your family, popcorn, some snacks, get in your pj’s and snuggle up to your favourite Christmas movie, new or old or both!

Write Christmas Cards!
Whether you buy them or make them, it is lovely getting your address book out and writing a special message to those you are thinking of most at Christmas time. It means a lot to us all and it is lovely to display the cards you receive also.

Give Back!
For many people, Christmas can be a very tough time. Teach the true meaning of giving and the holiday spirit by helping those out in need. Donate or give gifts, hampers, clothes, food to many charities or wishing trees in your local community or search up ways to give back at Christmas time to those who need it most.

Drive around and see the Christmas Lights/Displays!
Jump in the car with your family, grab some treats and embark on an adventure when it just gets dark. Many houses and neighbourhoods go all out at Christmas. There are many amazing lights and decorations to see that are truly magical.

Get Crafty!
Whether its arts and crafts or some Christmas Baking, search up some Christmas inspired treats that will warm your hearts and tummy’s.

Be with you loved ones!
We all get caught up on making/preparing food, ticking off shopping lists, buying presents, cleaning the house, setting tables. We are too busy focusing on what we have to GET for Christmas that we lose sight of what we have GOT. We can sometimes forget to live in the moment and appreciate the time with those nearest and dearest. Take a day to just be together, laugh, dance, relax and smile.

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