Giving Thanks!

  • By SODA & Co

November, the month of Giving Thanks. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be with your loved ones, share a meal, show gratitude, kindness and appreciation for all that you are thankful for.

Understandably life is hectic, we spend a lot of time directing our focus on the future or what we want to happen next that we forget to live in the present. If we stop to think about it, we probably don’t give or receive expressions of gratitude nearly as often as we should.
Gratitude begins with an inner feeling. When we feel grateful for something or someone, expressing it extends those feelings, inviting growth and a healthy well being and a deeper connection to our loved ones.

Of course common expressions of gratitude includes saying please, thank you and demonstrating manners and being polite, however showing gratitude extends beyond common courtesy. By expressing how you are feeling and showing a positive attitude not only influences our own behaviours but those around you, creating happiness, generosity and appreciation for your loved ones and those closest to you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to express gratitude and simply say ‘thank you’. Maybe mix it up, demonstrate in different ways to show appreciation or how you feel most comfortable, as there is nothing worse than feeling unappreciated and as if you are being taken for granted, even if it is unintentional.

So whether you are saying it face to face, writing a note, sending flowers or giving or receiving a great big hug, make sure you give thanks and express to those you love just how special they are to you and stop and think how grateful you are and how grateful you feel to have them in your life.

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