It's a New Year!

  • By SODA & Co

Happy New Year!!

2016 is here! And it is the right time to set New Years Resolutions and goals and focusing on what makes you happy. There is often much said about New Years Resolutions and how they can be unrealistic. Of course we can all live in a fantasy and have moments of wishful thinking. But there are many ways you can set  realistic attainable goals and changes to your life and many ways to achieve them.

The first step is in your mind. Mentally prepare yourself for the goals you would like to set. Don't put too many obstacles or barriers in the way and also allow yourself to be human. There is no point putting enormous pressure on yourself with ridiculous time frames. Allow for fall backs, bad days, good days, milestones, disappointments, we are all human at the end of the day.

Nothing is achieved easily. Hard work, positivity, dedication and self belief are all elements to help you achieve your goals. Don't be put off by previous resolutions that didn't work out. Don't even be put off by the fact you havn't even thought of a resolution. We have tomorrow's for a reason!  Be kind to yourself!


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